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Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Westmark/Arthurian - "You Got Growin' Up to Do"

Title: You Got Growin' Up to Do
Fandom: Arthurian Legend/Westmark super-crossover
Characters: Flynn (OC), Bedivere, Zara, Florian, Melehan, Melou, Rose (OC), Luneta, Florence, Ellie (OC), references to just about everyone else
Word Count: 2,666 wds.
Rating: PG-13-ish
Author's Notes: Holy crap did this thing get long! Anyhow, I did this meme where your friends give you a pairing and you reply with a profile of their first kid. From this arose Flynn Ddraig ap Bedwyr, the son of Sir Bedivere and Zara from the Westmark Trilogy. And then I decided I should write a Bedi/Zara fic, and was all "hey, I could put a young Flynn in it too!", and the thing just kept growing and eventually became this monstrosity. Special thanks to all the old-school DF And Refried crew, whose characterizations and pairings I borrowed for a lot of this.

Also as an added note: I stole the title of this fic from a Joshua Radin song, because when I was about halfway through I needed something to save the file under. I had almost finished the thing and was looking for a better title when I listened to the lyrics again and realized that this song is, in fact, creepily perfect for all the moments I wrote about Bedi and Zara's relationship, so I left it.

You Got Growin' Up to DoCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Ten Tiny Fics - Arthurian

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. Elaine
2. Bedivere
3. Morgause
4. Agravaine
5. Mordred
6. Lucan
7. Kay
8. Gaheris
9. Morgan le Fay
10. Sagramore

One of these was even my sekkrit ship; see if you spot it.Collapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Arthurian Fic - "Handfast"

Title: Handfast
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Characters: Kay, Bedivere
Word Count: 1,266 wds.
Rating: PG-13 (Semi SI warning, kinda-sorta.)
Author's Notes: Soujin wanted Kay/Bedi, original flavor. This is my incredibly lame offering thereof. But if you squint, you'll catch a ninja crossover reference, just for giggles.

HandfastCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Arthurian Fic - "Foreign Languages"

Title: Foreign Languages
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Characters: Sagramore, Bedwyr, references to sundy others
Word Count: 1,904 wds.
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: For Soujin.

Foreign LanguagesCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

GetLaid25-Bedivere-"Falling Out of History"

Title: Falling Out of History
Author: Lady Bedivere
Fandom: Arthurian
Pairing: Bedivere/Percy
Rating: PG
Words: 703
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I do not own Sir Bedivere or any Arthurian Legends.
Summary: So they chose the lesser of two evils, and together they rewrote history.
Notes/Warnings: I started this ages ago and finally finished it. Sorry it's so depressing. I'll write something happy next.

Falling Out of HistoryCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

GetLaid25-Bedivere-"Losing My Religion"

Title: Losing My Religion
Author: Lady Bedivere
Fandom: Arthurian
Pairing: Bedivere/Sagramore
Rating: PG-13
Words: 454
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I do not own Sir Bedivere or any Arthurian Legends.
Summary: Maybe it is real anger, but perhaps it's something else.
Notes/Warnings: Implied nudity/sex, lots of Welsh swearing.

Losing My ReligionCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

GetLaid25-Bedivere-"The Good That Won't Come Out"

Title: The Good That Won't Come Out
Author: Lady Bedivere
Fandom: Arthurian
Pairing: Bedivere/Heliabel
Rating: PG (I'm a pansy...)
Words: 1027
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I do not own Sir Bedivere or any Arthurian Legends.
Summary: He laughed at their naiveté, and he envied their innocence.
Notes/Warnings: It doesn't feel right to me, trying to put these two together, but it kind of works. What do you say?

The Good That Won't Come OutCollapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Soujin Birthday Fic!

Title: Untitled.
Fandom: Arthurian Legend (Catechism-'verse)
Characters: Mordred, Bedivere, Zara
Word Count: 2,649 wds.
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: An untitled (and incredibly late) birthday fic for Miss Soujin! ^___^ I borrowed her fantastic Catechism canon, because the idea ate my brain, but I promise I'll put all the characters back in their rightful boxes when I'm done.

It was one of those cheesy, touristy postcards with a scenic shot of the ocean and a green cliff full of sheep...Collapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

Fanfic100-Dracula, Prompt #073.-"Light"

Title: Alright
Fandom: Dracula: General Novel
Characters: Mina Harker, Jonathan Harker, Quincey Harker
Prompt: 073. Light
Word Count: 469 wds.
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: LDT here. My slightly tardy fic in honor of 6 May (Jonathan Harker's Arrival at Count Dracula's Castle Day).

Light, 469 wds.Collapse )

Lady Bedivere [userpic]

GetLaid25-Bedivere-"In Her Eyes"

Title: In Her Eyes
Author: Lady Bedivere
Fandom: Arthurian
Pairing: Bedivere/Morgause
Rating: Light R
Words: 519
Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, I do not own Sir Bedivere or any Arthurian Legends.
Summary: The eyes are the window to the soul...and everything else.
Notes/Warnings: Sex, blood, and this was vaguely influenced by this lovely fic by Lady Soujin.

In Her EyesCollapse )

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